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The metaverse is not a crank and should not be dismissed as such.

  • Sep, 01 , 22
  • By Stefan Spelter

"The discussion about the metaverse/Web3 should not be dismissed as a crackpot idea - it will come, but the timing is still open," says Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Prinz.
The metaverse/web3 is...

Why do avatars often look like cartoonic in virtual worlds?

  • Sep, 01 , 22
  • By Stefan Spelter

Question of the Week on VR:

Earlier this week, I was working for a company that asked an important question: Why do avatars often look like cartoonic?

There are many reasons for...

Welcome to our shop that is fully designed for virtual worlds.

  • Jul, 26 , 22
  • By Stefan Spelter


Are you taking your first steps into virtual worlds and need specialised 360 degree photospheres?
You want to enhance your existing virtual worlds with real world 360 degree images?

You are...

Evolution of Pictures - or what does a 360 degree spheres has to do with sewing?

  • Jul, 15 , 22
  • By Stefan Spelter

How are 360 degree images created?
Where do 360 degree images come from and what do they look like? Why is visible stitching not always avoidable? We look at all these questions and provide answers. Virtual worlds live from 360 degree spheres. However, images from reality make it much easier to accept the virtual world.