Welcome to our shop that is fully designed for virtual worlds.

Welcome to our shop that is fully designed for virtual worlds.


Are you taking your first steps into virtual worlds and need specialised 360 degree photospheres?
You want to enhance your existing virtual worlds with real world 360 degree images?

You are looking for a cooperation partner for your own company in order to offer your customers
photospheres, environments or other services to your customers?

Then our MyVerse Shop is just the right thing for you - Welcome.
What do you get in the MyVerse Shop - which is completely tailored to virtual worlds?

You get 3D photospheres in 360 degree format. These images are often shown in the preview
also called "equirectangular" or "rectangular projection".

What do photospheres do for you?

In all virtual worlds, and especially in the metaverse, there is often an attempt to create a reference to the real world.

People need - especially in the beginning - something that connects them with the "known" or "real".
Digital worlds otherwise seem "very digital" too quickly.

With an image from reality and thus a fully encompassing photograph, you can counteract this phenomenon and people immediately feel clearly at ease.
and people immediately feel much more comfortable. We have noticed this phenomenon so often that we have decided to make it possible for everyone who uses virtual reality to do so,
that we decided to make it possible for everyone who has to do with virtual reality.

Who needs 360 degree images or photospheres?

  • Companies that create VR platforms themselves and want to provide their customers with 360 degree images without a long search.
  • For developers who create virtual worlds with Blender, Unity or Unreal.
  • Architects and creative people who simply want to "quickly" adapt an environment to the atmosphere.
  • Private persons who want to build a nice virtual meeting place for their friends, family or clubs.
  • Research and educational institutions that want to create a suitable context to think more freely and creatively.

As you can see, the group of people is huge and we have worked intensively for more than three quarters of a year on the first big project of our shop alone.
year to make this access possible for you.

Since last year, we have wanted to include every conceivable season in order to give you
to be able to offer you a real 360-degree world for every moment.

Just enter a term like "nature summer" in the search bar above.
You will be shown all the photospheres from the area of nature and summer.

Or enter e.g. "winter" and you will see all pictures from the time of winter.

flowerish, mining, meadow, beach .... so many possibilities and so many individual
360 degree photspheres that are shown to you in the Equirectangular format.

We want to make an important contribution to your virtual worlds on the PC, mobile phone, browser or in virtual reality.

In the live preview you can already see the images in 360 perspective, so that you know exactly what you are getting. 

We wish you lots of creativity and remember:

Create your own virtual world!

This slogan has never been more important to us than here in the new shop.
For you as private customers, research companies, training and further education companies and scientific institutions, but also companies that want to
want to offer their employees an innovative, digital world.

For this purpose, we have created ready-made 3D worlds for you, which are easy to import.

And for all those who still need help, we have services around the Metaverse or also a huge network of trustworthy partners that we can also refer to for support.

We support you in the planning and implementation of your use-case, from the conception to the everyday use and of course in the selection of suitable applications. and of course with the selection of suitable 3D environments including photospheres.

Just book the direct product here in the store or write us in our contact form:

Have fun all of you and remember.

You are the architects of your own Metaverse and it belongs to you alone.
- Create your own virtual world

Kind regards
Stefan & the whole team of MyVerse GmbH

MyVerse GmbH

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