MyVerse Fizzler™ Installation Service - Sit back. We do the work for you


Welcome to "MyVerse Fizzler"

With this service...

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for full commercial usage and social media

Welcome to "MyVerse Fizzler"

With this service you can sit back and relax:

We take care of the entire technical implementation for you:

This includes:

  • Setup of the MyVerse Fizzler in your infrastructure.
  • Setup of all interfaces for correct functioning
  • Setup of a first Telegram channel
  • Setting up the integration of "MyVerse Fizzler" into a website using the established telegram channel

Proof of successful deployment:
A Telegram message is successfully pushed to a website and deleted.
Screenshots of this are taken as proof to demonstrate successful deployment.

Implementation time:
We need about 3h for the whole implementation.

All accesses are available and prepared as described in the instructions.

If waiting times occur that lead to more than 3h being needed, each additional hour or part thereof will be charged with an additional 120€.

PLEASE NOTE: You have to make sure that you can guarantee the following requirements in order for the setup to be performed within the estimated duration. Should we encounter any difficulties or delays, because some of the requirements are not met, installation could take significantly longer and will become more expensive.

  • Domain/Subdomain:
    Admin access is required to the service provider hosting the website, on which the Fizzler is going to be implemented. Also, if you don’t yet have an SSL certificate anyway, you’ll need to be able to set one up, as Fizzler usage is limited to secure http connections.
  • Webspace:
    You have to be able to create new file folders on your webspace, according to the Fizzler naming scheme. You will also need ftp access, in order to perform the necessary file uploads and modifications.
  • Database:
    You have to be able to setup a new MySQL database on your webserver. You’ll also have to be able to create a user account with certain privileges for this database.


Private & Educational Usage

You are allowed to use our content:

Private or personal use for internal or personal purposes only

Non profit educational use for schools, universities or non profit associations

Does not allow any type of commercial use or exploitation of our intellectual property.

Non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, non-assignable license to use or consume such content, without any authorization to publicity perform, display publish, make derivates of, or financially exploit such content in any manner whatsoever.

Commercial Usage

You are allowed to use our content:

On all social media & online platforms

In your own unlimited projects

For simple clearance for client productions

For marketing in print and digital & display publish

For public performance

In digital ads

For making derivates

License is non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non- transferable, non-assignable and not resellable and not for rent.