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MyVerse Fizzler Sponsored Edition

Welcome to the future of enterprise communications. With our API you can now send messages from Telegram directly to your corporate website and sync this live with your Metaverse worlds. The path to your WEB 3.0 has never been easier.

Transform your customer experience and generate more business through your website. With our solution, you can provide your customers with real-time updates tailored to their needs and interests. Your message will reach more people faster than ever before. 

Take advantage and save up to 10% (~120€), with annual payment (49€ p. month and channel) over monthly payments (59€ per month and channel).

    Features of MyVerse Fizzler™:

    • SEO-ready content
    • protect your SEO ranking by attracting people to your website
    • multiply your reach 
    • keep your customers to your website and your employees happy
    • developed in Germany
    • hosted in your own IT environment
    • Messages include the "MyVerse Logo" and "powered by MyVerse Fizzler"

    Sponsored Edition

      What we're especially proud:

      • that we are 100% GDPR compliant!
      • that MyVerse Fizzler™ is sensibly and efficiently digitized in Germany
      • to accompany you on your journey to WEB 3.0.

      Our team will help you make the transition quickly, securely and successfully. Join us and usher in a new era of corporate communications today!


      Implementation and requirements:

      • an active Telegram account
      • after purchase of MyVerse Fizzler you get a .zip file with all relevant files and an installation instruction to install and setup in your infrastructure on your own.
      • a detailed instruction (we recommend that you are familiar with website-infrastructure)
      • must have in this "Sponsored Edition": 
        on top of the Website needs the following picture be visible and linked to our website.

      If you don't want to install it yourself or just want to save time, add the following product into your shopping cart:

          Limitations and Terms of Use:

          Your purchase is valid for only one legal entity or one strategic business unit.
          for more information see our Terms of Use.

          After your successful payment you will receive your invoice and download Link.
          Please check the correct contact data in your profile.


          Unleash MyVerse Fizzler™ with the Web3.0 Add-on for FRAME:

          "MyVerse Fizzler - Add-on: FRAME - Get "Text Area Messages"
          directly from Telegram into your FRAME where you can share Text Messages directly into FrameVR

          Private & Educational Usage

          You are allowed to use our content:

          Private or personal use for internal or personal purposes only

          Non profit educational use for schools, universities or non profit associations

          Does not allow any type of commercial use or exploitation of our intellectual property.

          Non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, non-assignable license to use or consume such content, without any authorization to publicity perform, display publish, make derivates of, or financially exploit such content in any manner whatsoever.

          Commercial Usage

          You are allowed to use our content:

          On all social media & online platforms

          In your own unlimited projects

          For simple clearance for client productions

          For marketing in print and digital & display publish

          For public performance

          In digital ads

          For making derivates

          License is non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non- transferable, non-assignable and not resellable and not for rent.